Run for Smiles – registration here

Have you ever received affection for a smile? Have you ever watched a movie just to smile? Have you ever been kind for a smile? We often act in our daily lives to earn a smile.

And now you can run or walk for a smile and get an awesome coffee mug in your house that will remind you how good it is to smile every day! Oh, and the best part… In this coffee mug, you will have your photo and the time you ran or walked in this amazing event.

And you will still be helping the People Who Make a Difference Foundation.

How it works

This Run or Walk is not intended for competition, but for participation, encouraging quality of life, health, fun and many, many smiles.

You must register on the website ,  then choose the distance that is best for you, 2km, 5km or 10km. After signing up you must follow the hashtag #runforsmilesusa and our profile @fb_sportsevents on Instagram.

All event information, tips on quality of life, health, information about our sponsors and the People Who Make a Difference Foundation will be posted on our Instagram profile and on the #runforsmilesusa hashtag.

You can also interact with the hashtag #runforsmileusa by posting on Instagram, a walk, a run, fun times with your child, or any other physical activity, just make your post and in the description include the hashtag of our event.

The event

You can choose any day and time between October 1st and 30th to do it, you also pick the location, it can be on the beach, at the gym, in the park, in your condominium, wherever you want.

At the end of your Walk or Run, take a selfie and put it on your Instagram and do not forget to add in the description of your post: the distance traveled (2km, 5km or 10km) the time you have traveled this distance, your first and last name or even your nickname, and the hashtag #runforsmilesusa.

This information will be stamped on your Coffee Mug and you will receive the personalized Mug at your home to remind you of the event and remind you every day how one smile is important in our life.

So, let’s Run for Smiles? – registration here


About the Beneficiary Foundation


People Who Make a Difference Foundation:

We are a group of people with a passion for empowering residents to become healthy and productive members of their communities.
Due to limited income and no health insurance, these people choose not to seek medical treatments and necessary surgeries resulting critical illness. Our hope, work and goal are that no one seeking a better life in America will be harmed by a lack of healthcare. We give orientation and financial support to those who can not afford a medical treatment.
The Foundation was created on August 12, 2011 as a nonprofit Public Charitable Organization, qualified by 501 (c) (3).