Ice Run-
Run for you and run for others.

‍ The virtual Ice Run will be donating a blanket for a homeless person in the winter time

Every registration will be converted into a donation, you can be a part of helping a person in need by running or biking..

‍ You can walk, or you can run at your own pace

You will be helping someone in the cold winter.

You will only need to choose a mode, and a distance that you feel comfortable, and start your challenge.

Whether it's outdoors, in your condo, in parks or even at the gym.

We are runners and so we plan the ideal event for you to feel like you are in a perfect race.

And you will also receive your participation kit, at your home, to add the Ice Run medal to your collection.

Receive this Medal at your Home.

That will be a great decoration in your room or just your living room.

The medal will be sent right after you finish your registration.

You will be proud to show people that you participated in the Ice Run, and even helped with a donation.

This medal will be manifest in your home, where everyone will be able to see your dedication and willingness to help people who live on the street.

How does Virtual Race Work?

Flexibility, organization and comfort are the main advantages of participating in the Ice Run.

It is very simple to participate in this virtual race.

You just need to download a controlled app, choose the mode (walking, running or biking) and send the screenshot of your results to us.

Upload your Result

Choose the best day and time, according to the options, and a desired location.

Select which mode and distance you want to participate.

Using a controlled app, such as Strava, Polar, Garmin, Nike Run, Adidas Run, as long as it acquires GPS, to measure your distance and time.

On the registration site there is a step by step to assist you to achieve this progress.

Upload your Result

After completing your activity, you must upload your result, on our website, with the screenshot of your application or the photo of the watch fit band or the photo of the treadmill panel. Do not forget that this image must contain the time and distance traveled.

It's More Than A Race It's A Cause Make a Difference in this Winter

And what are the modes that you can participate in?

Walk 3km

3km - 5km - 10km

Best of all, you can participate anywhere. It can be on your street, in your condominium, in the gym, in the park. Where you feel better and more comfortable.

What is the registration fee?

How much do you think it costs to help someone in need?




Perhaps this value is very close, but what can you do today, won't be missed ...

It is to help a homeless paying only $28.

This is the value for those who want to participate in the Ice Run, win their medal and also help a person in need, with a blanket.

$28 is very affordable isn't it!

I told you I wouldn't miss you!

You'll be delivering a blanket to someone who doesn't have a home for the winter, and are going through difficulties.

And you will also participate in a huge event, where you will be overcoming and running.

And in the end, having that medal symbolizes all your achievement and your perseverance to help someone.

But if you want to be part of the Ice Run team.

Buy the idea ...

Paying just $10 more.

You will bring an exclusive shirt from the event.

Made especially for you!

And for those who participate in this event …

Participate in the Ice Run

Get the complete kit at your home! After completing your registration, we will be sending the kit to you to your address. Now it 's up to you! Doing good to do you good ... Come and be part of this team of runners who have running as a way of life.

Winter is Coming Up and Through Sport You Can Help Someone

Meet FB Sports Team.

We are a team of runners passionate about the experiences that sport provides.



Yes! At the end of your activity send us a photo of the device’s panel with the time and distance traveled.

By sending a screenshot (don’t forget to save the screenshot at the end of the event in your gallery), or a photo of your time with gps, or a photo of the indoor treadmill/bicycle.

You choose the best day and time among the days provided.

The route depends on you, as long as the distance chosen at the time of registration is covered. Don’t forget to choose a safe route.

You will win your kit before the race, and you will already achieve the way to help someone.

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